Enjoy These Saucy Spicy Clams In Ginger Garlic Chilli & XO Sauce With People Who Won’t Snigger Every Time You Say Clam


The other day I made the terrible mistake of telling some very juvenile-minded people that I wanted clams. “I’m craving the taste of clams!” I said. “What? I love eating clams. Especially big meaty saucy clams that you eat with your fingers and you get the juices all over your face… Will you guys stop looking at me like that.” For the rest of the day they kept giving me sly looks. This brought me to the conclusion that one should be very careful about mentioning clams to certain people.

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Moules Marinieres Can Be Whipped Up As Fast As A McDonalds Order, Almost


I have been asked how to cook something impressive and delicious but less time intensive than my usual Start-This-Recipe-The-Night-Before recipes. So here it is – the fastest thing I can cook (from scratch) is Moules Marinieres, which seriously takes less than 10 minutes in total including the prep work and cooking. However any cooking time saved is spent looking for parking at the Sydney Fish Markets in order to get the mussels. You can get decent mussels at most local fish shops but the Fish Markets have literally every kind of seafood imaginable and it’s all super fresh out of the sea. And also I like to browse and touch and poke and smell the goods as though I’m shopping for a new YSL bag.

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