This Amazing Watermelon & Strawberry Cake Will Make You Wonder Why Watermelon Isn’t A Main Ingredient In More Cakes


This is where I’m meant to write a flowery description about it being summer and craving something lighter and watermelon is the perfect refreshing thing to serve during this weather etc. etc. but the truth is that watermelon is the shit and I will eat it no matter what season it is. Never limit yourselves, people.

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Chocolate Roulade with Milk Chocolate Ganache Sounds Much Classier Than Huge Fat Log Of Cream Filled Chocolate Cake


Have you ever tried to transport a delicate home-made cake by plane from Sydney to Melbourne? It’s a pain in the ass and filled with many moments of terror, such as when the airport guy suddenly decides to turn your cake box sideways as it goes through the x-ray machine. It was much easier in the old days when I’d just buy 2 dozen virtually indestructible Krispy Kreme donuts to take to Melbourne (back when only Sydney had Krispy Kremes). Although I haven’t had one in years, I could really go for some original glazed Krispy Kremes right now. Damn me and my food memories.

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Chocolate Rice Krispies Bars With Ovaltine And Milk Chocolate Bavarian Cream, You Are A Mouthful (Literally)


You may recall that I have already blogged about these in Version 1.0 of my blog and discussed their amazing qualities in great detail. If you are seeing these for the first time, they are the best thing to come from a marriage of Rice Bubbles and Ovaltine. And for those of you who do not have a relationship with your oven, you’ll love these because they don’t require any baking at all. But please tell me you are at least capable of mixing stuff together.

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This Is All About Hot Cream Sauce Although The Apple Kuchen Gets A Brief Mention


HOT CREAM SAUCE. Why has no one ever told me about Hot Cream Sauce? And can I mention Hot Cream Sauce one more time in this paragraph for extra emphasis? Of course I can, this is my food blog. Hot Cream Sauce.

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These Lemon And Blueberry Whoopie Pies Are Deceptively Not Actual Pies At All


There are many things in life that I don’t understand. Why blueberries are so freaking expensive. Why we had to learn how to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder. Why the rules of the cricket are so absurd. Actually I just googled cricket to see if I could understand it any better but accidentally fell into a coma. Pippa Middleton pretty much sums up my understanding of the game – “A batsman goes out and is then in until he gets out. This goes on until the last batsman is out, apart from one who is still in and therefore not out.” I hate the cricket. Anyway moving on. Why French women don’t get fat. Why anyone bothers to watch Masterchef Australia anymore. Why someone would give Whoopie Pies such a ridiculous name.

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