And So We Meet Again

eating kfc chipssized

I’m talking about my nemesis slash secret lover, these KFC chips.

But the only thing that makes me happier than stuffing an unladylike fistful of KFC chips into my face is seeing the re-birth of the Mistress Deliciousness blog. And what better way to usher in this exciting news than to eat an ungodly amount of fried chicken.

I realise that 7 months is a long time to disappear, but I do have some good reasons, mostly relating to the fact that my blog got hacked and those assholes somehow deleted all the content and noooo, I hadn’t properly backed it up having obviously learned nothing from that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie’s laptop died and she wrapped it in a pashmina and took it to the repair shop but her work couldn’t be saved.

Anyway. I lost the will to continue after that devastating news but I believe it has now been a sufficient period of mourning (ok, it might have been laziness) and I’m ready to share my ramblings and adventures again. YAY.


p.s I will repost any old blog posts I can find because people have asked me for some of those recipes. Sorry I can’t remember who they were or the recipes asked for; a great chunk of my memory space is now instead devoted to images of Kim Kardashian’s maternity wear and stuff I want to buy on

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